Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thing 23 - A Fun & Interesting Journey

As a freelance Internet market researcher, I am “net savvy” and honestly didn’t think I will learn a lot of new “things” from this experience. Well, I was wrong. The bad news is I am now addicted to my RSS feeds and Blogs - Not a good thing when you are supposed to be working on your projects instead of spending hours reading interesting but irrelevant information. Nevertheless, I am glad I participated in this learning program and thank you so much for introducing me to the “fun” side of Internet.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thing 22 - Learn about Audiobooks

I did not know that CCPL is part of Maryland's Digital eLibrary Consortium and subscribes to the Overdrive Digital Media. I am not a fan of audio/ebooks. I enjoy reading AND holding my books - preferably with a cup of tea and with my feet up. Their site is very easy to navigate. My husband was interested in couple of their history books but their downloading process is a bit complicated, time consuming and inconvenience.

Thing 21 - Discover Podcast

My children have been downloading music from iTunes forever and yes, their directory is very extensive. I found and subscribed a podcast on Yahoo: LibVibe: the library news podcast. They have some very interesting episodes like "Sports Illustrated spokesman tells LibVibe why they didn't send libraries the swimsuit issues "(I thought CCPL have them behind the counters). What I like about the podcast is you can read them at your leisure and choose only the ones you are interested in.

Thing 20 - Discover YouTube

I don't visit YouTube regularly, know why? Dial-up! GrrrrR! Anyway, I picked "Yellow Lab Puppy". "Why?" You asked. Hello! It's Yellow Lab Puppy! I see this site as a great tool for showcasing creativities, etc., but I think the site should be closely monitored. Libraries can use it to showcase their programs and special events. I would LOVE to see a video of our puppet show on YouTube.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thing 19 - Explore sites from the Web 2.0 awards list

TheBroth is a new mosaic-like art form, global and collaborative. You can work simultaneously with other players from all around the world in the same room. It's very easy to create new artworks by using the mouse pointer to drag tiles around the screen.TheBroth uses standard JavaScript and Flash and doesn't require visitors to install or download any special software and their service is completely free.
Here's the link:

Thing 18 - Online Productivity

Google and Zoho here are public sites. I am familiar with online productivity tools within a private company. These applications are godsend. They increase work productivities and efficiencies. I remember just a year ago, my colleagues and I had to send our marketing reports back and forth, sometimes up to 10 times a day for updates and revisions. Now we just log on and edit.

Thing 17 - Add an entry into the Sandbox Wiki created with PB Wiki

Their homepage announced that someone edited the HOME page for all the wiki and deleted all the labels that linked to all the home pages that belong to other folks. Oops! Adding my blog to their "Favorite Blogs" was easy enough. Not much going on.

Thing 16 - Learn About Wikis

Wikis really is not very different from say MySpace and FaceBook. It's socializing. It is networking. It's about sharing information. It is about expanding your world. I can see myself seriously addicted to this, not unlike my children with their MySpace and FaceBook. Easily.

Thing 15 - Web 2.0, Library 2.0 & the future of libraries

I thoroughly enjoyed all five perspectives. I am quite pleased with the fact that CCPL has adopted most of these strategy plans and has already put them in use. Yes, we are rolling hard but we are ahead of the game and we are having some serious fun while we are at it. Go CCPL!

Thing 14 - Discover Technorati

The majority of these blogs are devoted to products/sites/self promotions - no big surprise here. I'll have to say this is a bit boring for me.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thing 13 - Tagging and Discover

Working for a web developer, I am familiar with Tags. It is probably true that the real power of is in the social network aspect. But I also think that if you are lucky or smart enough to find a resourceful user who happens to share the same interest/research with you, he/she can be your cheat tool.

Thing 12 - Rollyo

I've created a News Rollyo.. I am not sure I will be using it too much as I am happy with the way I manage my "Favorites"

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thing 11 - LibraryThing

Whew! Just entered more than 120 ISBN numbers. I will do the rest later. It is surprising to learn that there're actually so many people out there who share my collection of books. Great site!

You can check out my libraryThing at

Thing 10 - Online Image Generator (Avatars)

You can see that I enjoyed Avatars. Don't I look hot here? Haha!

Thing 9 - Explore MERLIN

I added Shifted Librarian to my feeds and came across a blog discussing video games for adults in the libraries. A reader has asked if any libraries offering brain fitness games (such as Brain Age) for baby boomers and seniors. Actually, the question is broader to include any games that assist in improving memory and aiding cognitive function. Interesting read and I have passed it along to Brenda since Lynn is looking for help in preparing the video game recommendation to the Board.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thing 8 - RSS and Bloglines

I subscribed to 15 different feeds including two of my 23 Things buddies. The whole process was rather straight forward and in minutes, my world expanded 15 folds. Now I know where to check out the art competitions, read the latest book reviews and discover all the new tech toys. You gotta love the Internet highway.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thing 7 - Technology Related - Guitar Hero

My son, the gamer, just purchased a new Xbox game The Guitar Hero. The game comes with a miniature keyboard guitar; you select the songs that are mostly popular pieces made famous by various rockers. You play the song by following the streaming notes on the screen. It's similar to Dance Dance Revolution but you don't get the benefit of a workout. After a 2 hours jamming session, my boy actually complained that his back hurt. Poor baby!

Thing 6 - Flickr Mash-ups & Third Party Sites

Ugh! My slow dial-up at home takes so long for the images to load. I thoroughly enjoy Flickr. I know I will visit this site regularly. We just purchase a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTI with zoom lens. I am learning to use it. Maybe I will be good enough to upload some of my pictures someday.

Thing 5 - Explore Flickr

This picture reminds me of a faraway place....has it been over 30 years? It extracts a long forgotten scent, not entirely unpleasant....the fragrance of youth and a carefree life. I am heading to a similar land this summer. I wonder what delicate scent will burrow in my memory and my heart, laying dormant and waiting, with fortitude.

Thing 4 - Register Blog and Track Progress

Well, that was easier than I thought. Next.....

Thing 3 - Setting Up My Blog

It's fun playing with the template and settings. I wish there're more choices but I've already spent too much time on this, time to move on.

Thing 2 - 7.5 Lifelong Learning Habits

Out of the 7.5 learning habits, I think the easiest for me would be setting a "goal". What's a goal? An intent, an aim, a purpose? Everything I do has a purpose. Easy enough. Using new technologies will be both challenging and rewarding for me. I would not call it the hardest but it is usually where I get myself into a love/hate relationship.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Thing 1 - Ready!

Okay, I am ready to rock and roll with these 23 things!